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In an article by Ad Age, Simon Dumenco looks at what it would cost to be in a world without ads, “”Welcome to a commercial for Hulu’s new commercial-free option,” intones an elegant, bespectacled gentleman in a new TV spot. He’s sitting in a wingback chair with a thick book on his lap; there’s a roaring fireplace to his right, a teapot on a table to his left. “And now we’re reading from the dictionary,” he declares as he flips open the book to one entry: irony.

“Yeah, tell us about it.

“It’s worth noting that this gentleman is outdoors. He has no roof over his head or walls around him; his furniture and fireplace are simply plopped on a stretch of crumbling pavement in a seedy vacant lot (in Brooklyn, looks like), with an elevated subway line rumbling in the background. What’s the message here, pray tell? Is our hero homeless? Has the additional financial burden of the so-called No Commercials plan ($11.99 per month, four dollars more than Hulu’s euphemistically-named Limited Commercials plan) broken his household’s bank?”

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