The impact that Latinos have in the U.S. is often overlooked, which has happened all throughout the history of the United States. But some people like Sol Trujillo, a global executive and former CEO of telecom giants like Orange S.A. and Telstra, would argue that Latinos play a major role in the United States, especially when it comes to the U.S.’s economy. Sol Trujillo states:

… I am an American who happens to be Latino. We are optimists, and we believe in the future of this country. Sure enough, when I looked a little deeper at what was happening, I found a massive transformation underway:  A New Mainstream Economy powered by the U.S Latino consumer, the U.S. Latino entrepreneur and the U.S. Latino worker who together were driving U.S. economic growth. Yet many Americans still believed that U.S. Latinos were a drag on our economy. The real story had to be told.

As more Latinos continue to seek out higher education and receive higher wages, the impact that the Latino community has on the U.S.’s economy will continue to grow. Future generations of Latinos will be better equipped to flourish more than previous generations were able to. The Latino community has been steadily growing and their appetite for consumer goods has also been steadily growing. Growth in the U.S.’s economy is a good thing and the fact that the growth is coming from within the U.S. is even better.

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