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Lululemon’s CEO, Calvin McDonald, terminated the employment of two employees who attempted to intervene during a burglary incident at one of the company’s stores. Cell phone footage captured during the theft showed two masked men entering the store and grabbing merchandise while two employees shouted at them to leave.

Lululemon has a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding employees engaging when theft occurs. It is a difficult yet understandable stance, considering the numerous situations where employees and customers who intervene in robbery attempts have been severely injured or even killed.

But that doesn’t excuse the growing frustration surrounding these thefts.

There is a sense of discontent when thieves can walk into stores, steal items, and face minimal consequences if caught. Car break-ins, robberies, and targeting of vulnerable individuals are on the rise, which contributes to this frustration.

For society to effectively address this rise in crime, there must be a severe approach to penalizing such behavior. Offering a solution for rehabilitation is not sufficient. Instead, imposing significant consequences, such as serving substantial prison sentences, can serve as a deterrent.

Side note: Lululemon clarified that the employees were not terminated for calling the police, as employees are encouraged to do so when necessary. Instead, the termination was based on the employees putting themselves and others at risk during the incident.