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In a great investigative story by the Los Angeles Times, they found a distressing incident at Elwyn-Mayall, a Los Angeles group home for adults with developmental disabilities, the caregivers are being charged with subjecting residents to abuse, sparking outrage and a call for justice from affected families.

On the evening of August 25, 2023, Jude Cabanete, a 31-year-old resident with autism, became the victim of physical assault by Adekunle Fabunmi, an employee of the home. Captured on cellphone video, the footage showed Fabunmi hitting Cabanete multiple times as he pleaded for the assault to stop. This incident was part of a series of abuses documented that night, which also included forcing another resident, Gregorio Topete, into prolonged distressing situations.

The Elwyn organization, which operates nearly 50 licensed homes in California, is now under scrutiny for its ability to ensure the safety of its residents. Despite its longstanding reputation, the violence at the Northridge home raises critical questions about the adequacy of oversight and care in such facilities. The mothers of Cabanete and Topete, heartbroken by the suffering their sons endured, have filed lawsuits against Fabunmi, Elwyn, and the North Los Angeles County Regional Center, demanding accountability and changes to prevent future abuse.

The broader context of this tragic incident highlights systemic failures in the care and protection of adults with developmental disabilities. Advocates and families argue for a more rigorous system that prevents such individuals from working with vulnerable populations.