Back in 2012, Patricia Krentcil was facing child endangerment charges for taking her five-year-old daughter into a tanning booth with her. The charges against her were eventually dropped, but her overly tanned appearance earned her the nickname “Tan Mom” and the incident made her a controversial figure in headlines. Now, five years later, Krentcil has decided to turn the tables on her former accusers. Krentcil is planning on suing the school district that her daughter is in for neglect after her daughter came home with a bad sun burn. Krentcil stated,

After what they did to me, they didn’t put lotion on her? This time, I’m going after them.

Krentcil no longer visits tanning beds every day; she limits herself to three visits per week. She was mortified when her daughter came home “like a French fry.” Krentcil claims that she packed her daughter’s sunscreen, but apparently no one at the school she attends put sunscreen on her daughter. The 49-year-old New Jersey mom has thus decided to thrust herself back in the headlines to potentially get some revenge. It’s an ironic story, but it is unknown if Krentcil actually plans on suing the school district or if this is all just too publicly get back at her former accusers.

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